Our 3036 Long Stroke Brake is Here!


Our new 3036 Long Stroke brake is now available. Built with all our standard Long Stroke features. 

Benefits of our 3036 Long Stroke Brake

• Epoxy coated steel head and NPC base help resist corrosion and early chamber

• Epoxy coated power spring & return spring add resistance against breakage

• Triple lipped nitrile rubber seal provides longer center seal life than o-rings

• 3” long stroke adds extra stroke for improved safety

• Corrosion Fighter technology adds a non-metallic composite guide to retard internal corrosion

• Center hole diaphragm aligns piston, diaphragm, power spring and internal push-rod

• Welded yoke is available for replacement on later model vehicles


Click here to view our literature on this brake.

Tags: 3036 Long Stroke, MGM 3036
Posted: 01/26/2017

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