Electronic Brake Monitoring Field Service

Maintaining today’s fleets while ensuring vehicles are operating safely and at optimum
performance is a significant task and a serious responsibility. MGM’s e•STROKE®
brake monitoring system (widely used across Transit fleets) provides an excellent tool to monitor brake performance and ensure your vehicles are operating safely.

With ever tightening budgets, equipment constraints, and manpower availability, MGM
understands the need for technical support and service when it comes to our brake products. If you are in need of technical support, please fill our the form below or contact your local e•STROKE sales representative

for basic questions fill out the form below:

Trained MGM field technicians and engineers are available to assist your fleet maintenance staff with any questions they may have.



e•STROKE® Technical Phone Support. Free of Charge. Call 1-800-527-1534 ext. 1230

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