Electronic Brake Monitoring Field Service

Maintaining today’s fleets while ensuring vehicles are operating safely and at optimum
performance is a significant task and a serious responsibility. MGM’s
e•STROKE® brake monitoring system (widely used across Transit fleets) provides an excellent tool to monitor brake performance and ensure your vehicles are operating safely.

With ever tightening budgets, equipment constraints, and manpower availability, MGM
understands the need for technical support and service when it comes to our brake products. This is why MGM is pleased to announce our “e•STROKE® Brake Monitor Service and Support Program” designed to assist your fleet in obtaining the maximum benefit from your e•STROKE® equipped vehicle.

Program Basics:

Trained MGM field technicians and engineers are available to assist your fleet maintenance staff by providing the following technical services. Please call your sales representative for more information and pricing on items listed below. 

e•STROKE® Daily Technician Support:

  • Our technicians will assist your maintenance staff in analyzing brake monitor diagnostic information and provide recommendations for repair or replacement of defective components.
  • On-site Technical Support charged at a Daily 8 hour rate. 



e•STROKE® ECU Firmware Upgrade:

  • Our technicians will re-flash your existing e•STROKE® ECU to the latest firmware revision upgrading the system functionality and ensuring optimal system monitoring. 



e•STROKE® GEN 3 Upgrade: 

  • Our technicians will upgrade your current GEN 1 or GEN 2 e•STROKE® system to the latest GEN 3 technology and verify proper system operation.
  • Replace ECU, Pressure Transducer. 
  • Service fee includes all parts required to upgrade system. 
  • Repair of issues found with existing system will be charged per hourly rate plus out of warranty parts.



e•STROKE® AVM Monitoring Service:

  • MGM staff will remotely monitor your AVM reports and provide Fleet Status monthly reports.
  • MGM access to active AVM system is required.
  • MGM will assist your technicians via telephone in identifying vehicles needing brake service and establishing severity levels for this service.



e•STROKE® Technical Phone Support. Free of Charge. Call 1-800-527-1534 ext. 1230

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