Making sure your vehicles are operating safely and at optimum performance is a significant task and a serious responsibility. MGM’s Brakes provides excellent tools to help train your staff to ensure your vehicles are operating safely.

With ever tightening budgets, equipment constraints, and manpower availability, MGM
understands the need for technical support and service when it comes to our brake products. This is why MGM is offers training designed to assist in obtaining the maximum benefit from your vehicles (brief description listed below). If you are interested in more information on e•STROKE® training, please fill out the form below and one of our sales representatives will contact you. 


training program

Trained MGM field technicians and engineers are available to assist your maintenance staff by providing the following technical services listed below. 


daily trAINING

e•STROKE® Brake Monitor Training Event  (1 Day, 2 Sessions, 15 persons max). 

  • MGM can provide ongoing e•STROKE®technical training for new employees and
    refresher training for existing staff at an additional charge.

  • These training courses give your technicians a thorough understanding of the

    e•STROKE® system operation, interpreting diagnostic information, and system troubleshooting techniques.

  • MGM will provide on-site classroom and hands on vehicle training.

  • Each training session is approximately 3 hours long and recommended to be 15 people max.

  • A vehicle with e•STROKE® and a lift or inspection pit is required for the training. 

  • End user diagnostic tools must be delivered prior to the training as they are used as part of the hands on training.

  • Training sessions include a digital copy of the e•STROKE® technical manual and training presentation. Training completion certificates are available upon request. End users will have all information needed to provide ongoing training as their staff requires

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 e•STROKE® Brake Monitor Add -On Session limited to one add on per day.


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e•STROKE® Brake Monitor Weekly Training Event includes 3 days training/2 sessions per day limit.


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