Air Disc Brakes



TRB double-diaphragm spring brakes offer the added feature of an external breather tube that vents air from the inside protected area of the service chamber to effectively reduce entry of liquid and solid contaminants that can cause premature failure of the spring brake chamber; and a heavy-gauge formed steel mounting base, making the TRB model the perfect choice for tough operating environments.

MJB Model brakes, with their compact design: smaller diameter, shorter height; deliver more reliable parking-force/output power than double-diaphragm brakes of similar size.  Featuring the MGM patented “Dual-Thread Release Bolt” design, the MJB Model will fit into tight areas where other spring brakes can’t due to protrusion of the release bolt.  Built for dependable, trouble-free service, the MJB Model is ideally suited for all vocational operations and environments. 

CSB service chambers offer the ultimate in dependability and long service life with heavy-gauge formed steel components: epoxy-coated for reliable corrosion protection to take on the toughest jobs in the harshest environments.  

MGM Brakes always has a model best suited to meet your needs. 

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