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200x167.pngElectronic Brake Monitoring

This system provides quick, accurate, wheel end specific brake stroke status readings for any drum or air disc braked vehicle. It can be utilized to assist in daily brake inspections, as well as providing continuous, real-time, brake monitoring on any air brake equipped vehicle.

products-s-cam.jpgS-Cam Brakes (Drum)

MGM Brakes offers many performance-engineered, double-diaphragm and piston spring brakes to choose from.  An advanced design and superior engineered materials add up to unparalleled durability and reliable performance, year after year.  Wide arrays of sizes (12-36) are available to suit any need.  All TR type 30 standard stroke spring side models and all of our TR long stroke series include our Corrosion Fighter® technology.

200x167-AD.pngAir Disc Brakes

MGM’s Air Disc brake actuators offer the industry an unparalleled variety of models perfect for nearly any application.  From our piston and double-diaphragm spring brakes to our service chambers, every model gives you all the advantages needed to maintain braking reliability and longer-life braking performance on today’s heavy-duty vehicles.  

product-wedge.jpgWedge Brakes

Wedge brakes are typically used on Military vehicles as packaging is compact.  They are also desirable for this application because there is no exposed brake linkage and two brake actuators can be mounted per wheel end for increased braking.   Water tight snorkeled versions are available to OEMs to meet military fording requirements.  We offer type 9, 12 and 16 service chambers and spring brakes.  A 1624 spring brake is also available and is typically used on bus applications.

product-speciality-parts.jpgSpecialty Brakes

Remote Mount Cylinders are used today to remotely activate tailgate locks on dump trucks and dump trailers, pintel hook locks as well as winch brakes for marine applications or any other application that requires a heavy duty spring applied “cylinder” that is dependable and rugged.


Drive-Line brakes were developed as replacements for manually operated lever applied “drive-line” brakes on medium-duty class 6 and 7 vehicles, and popular on school buses.  Mounted to the frame rail, the actuator utilizes a cable to apply parking force to a drum mounted on the driveline. An electronic “travel” sensor provides the operator with information pertaining to the position of the push rod – “applied” or “released”.

product-replacement-parts.jpgReplacement Parts

Replacement parts are available to replace only those brake chamber parts which require service without replacing the entire chamber, provided the chamber is in good serviceable condition. Those parts include but are not limited to: diaphragms, clevises, and clamp bands. Since the spring-side of the chamber is a sealed, non-serviceable component, service parts, called piggybacks are an economical alternative to complete chamber replacement. 

product-literature.jpgProduct Literature

We offer product literature, technical bulletins and service manuals to assist you in learning more about our products and services.  All are available for viewing and download as needed.





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