MGM BRAKES - LTS MODEL: Interview with The heavy-duty parts report

Rick Deane - MGM Brakes International Sales Manager discusses with Jamie Irvine: The Heavy-Duty Parts Report, how installing higher quality spring brakes can lower the cost-per-mile for fleets, and explains just how much of an impact high-quality brake chambers can have on the total cost of operation for fleets.  




MGM Brakes - lts model: a compact spring brake

Are you intrigued about the LTS Model? Do you want to know a little more? Take a look at our latest video. For more information, contact your local sales representative.





listen to our podcast with the heavy-duty parts report 

Rick Deane - International Sales Manager at MGM Brakes spoke with Jamie Irvine from "The Heavy Duty Parts Report" for an in-depth interview about the value of purchasing a high-quality spring brake for your fleet over a generic economy product. Click on the image below to listen to the entire podcast.


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MGM Brakes remote mount cylinders - r4a/r5ahd

These brakes were first introduced in 1956 as the world’s first spring-actuated parking and emergency brake actuators for commercial vehicles. These “pull-to-activate” cylinders were designed for axle-mount using various weld-on and bolt-on mounting brackets and linkage arms. It also includes model and detailed part number information.





MGM Brakes remote mount cylinders - driveline brakes r7/r8

The R7A Spring Applied Air Released (SAAR) and R8H Spring Applied Hydraulic Released (SAHR) Remote Mount Cylinders were designed and developed by MGM Engineering as an alternative to the manually operated “adjustable” hand-brake lever used to apply and release the “drive-line” parking brakes on school buses and other medium duty chassis. Recognizing the problems associated with the “adjustable” manually operated lever system, the R7A and R8H were developed to provide a secure “tamper resistant” means of applying and releasing the brake.





MGM Brakes Air Disc Chambers

MGM Brakes Air Disc Brake Actuators offer the industry an unparalleled variety of models perfect for nearly any application. From our CSB Service Chambers to our TRB Double Diaphragm Series and MJB Piston Series, every model gives you all the advantages you need to maintain braking reliability and longer-life braking performance on today’s heavy-duty vehicles. 





who is mgm brakes?

A company built with pride and it shows in our products!





MGM Brakes - Electronic Brake Monitoring for Air Disc equipped vehicles | e•Stroke 

Take a look at this short video on MGM Brakes Electronic Brake Monitoring for Air Disc Vehicles.  

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