Wedge Brakes



The US Military has relied heavily on MGM wedge brakes for their MRAP and MATV vehicles.  They are desirable for this application because there is no exposed brake linkage.  Two brake actuators can be mounted per wheel end to meet the high force outputs needed to stop today’s up-armored vehicles.  

We offer type 9, 12 & 16 service chambers in vented and water tight snorkeled versions to meet military fording requirements.  Aluminum pressure caps are available for the type 9 and type 12 service chambers.  These pressure caps reduce vehicle weight by about ½ lb. per actuator vs. a steel cap.

We offer type 1216, 1616, and 1624 piston style wedge parking brakes which are well suited to demanding parking and vehicle holding situations. When hauling maximum payloads through mountainous terrain or when quick release at low pressure is important, a piston style wedge chamber is your best choice.   These brakes deliver much higher force output per unit volume than a comparable double-diaphragm brake.  These also feature the MGM patented “Dual-Thread Release Bolt” design, allowing the MJW Model to fit into tight areas where other spring brakes can’t due to protrusion of the release bolt. 

Wedge brakes come in a number of different tube lengths.  They also have two rod styles, Rockwell (with a red guide) and Bendix.   Brakes can be custom configured for OEMs.

The MJW1624BT156 is a brake that was specially designed for a bus application.  It has a unique rod insertion depth that should not be used in a standard application.  

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