Electronic Brake Monitoring



Verifying proper brake setup and operation on commercial drum and air disc brake equipped vehicles has historically been a significant problem in the industry.  While daily pre-trip brake inspections are a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) requirement, they are seldom performed due to the time and difficulty required to conduct these inspections.  This has been historically true on drum brake equipped vehicles, and is even more of an issue on today’s air disc equipped vehicles.  

Understanding this need, MGM continues to provide e•STROKE®, an electronic brake monitoring system for drum and air disc braked commercial vehicles which has proven reliable through years of service.  This system utilizes patented sensing technology to monitor brake stroke and convey this information to an electronic control unit (ECU) for analysis.  This system can be utilized to assist in daily brake inspections, as well as provide continuous real-time brake monitoring on any air brake equipped vehicle.

These systems can detect the following braking issues or potential problems: improper automatic slack adjuster operation or maintenance, caliper internal adjuster mechanism failure (disc brakes), improper brake set-up or adjustment, air leaks or an improperly operating air system, defective air brake control valves, worn foundation components (i.e. worn bushings etc.), defective or worn spring parking brakes, and ice in the air system.                



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