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Welcome to Industry Talk with MGM, designed to help our customers learn more about a particular product, service, technology or methodology. The papers are designed to be used as informational, and not as a user manual or technical document. We have written these documents when we see/hear of an issue in the industry that needs addressing. We hope to bring clarity to the issue and help answer any questions.

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Industry Talk with MGM: Dealing with Supply Chain Issues, Post Covid

Currently, our economy is facing one of the most significant challenges in our nation. Over the last 100 years, the global economies have faced many challenges; The Great Depression, World War II, the Oil Embargo of the 70’s, the financial crisis of early 2000’s, and now the consequences of the COVID Pandemic. Fortunately, the world economies have rebounded time and again from these economic rollercoasters and it will again. It is important to note that most cases, the global recoveries have been tied to the success of the United States and this will most likely be the case again.

Dealing with Supply Chain Issues Post Covid. A perspective from one of our outside sales representatives. 

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industry talk with mgm: identifying long stroke chambers

This is a guide to help identify a long stroke chamber on a commercial vehicle with air brakes. It brings clarity to what inspectors look for during a roadside inspection. Knowing the correct identification of a long stroke chamber ensures proper brake adjustment.

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The Case for Electronic Brake Monitoring and Air Disc Brakes

Air disc brakes (ADB) are becoming more and more prevalent in the heavy duty commercial vehicle market. Virtually all public transit buses and over-the-road motor coaches are now being built with an ADB platform. In addition, approximately 15% of over-the-road trailers and 30% of over-the-road tractors are being built with an ADB platform, with those percentages increasing quite swiftly. As those that are familiar with ADB already know, there are quite a few advantages to ADB over traditional S-Cam (Drum Brake) platforms. ADB is more efficient than S-Cam with stopping distances being shorter allowing federal regulations pertaining to these distances being able to be achieved easier.

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mgm brakes addresses ozone impacted environments with new, coated diaphragm

MGM Brakes recently developed a unique coated diaphragm that is significantly more resistant to higher levels of ozone exposure than the standard rubber diaphragm. This diaphragm was developed for use with the well proven and reliable ‘MJB’ piston model brake actuator, to meet challenging customer requirements regarding brake life in a severe demanding city bus application. This new coated diaphragm ensures the extended life for heavy duty applications in ozone impacted environments.

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The importance of the internal air seal

MGM Brakes releases a white paper on the benefits of the internal air seal. Learn more about why this seal is do important to the life of your spring brake actuator. 

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What is an Electronic Brake Monitoring System (EBMS)
and is it right for your fleet?

MGM Brakes e•STROKE® is a comprehensive Electronic Brake Monitoring System. This system utilizes vehicles speed, brake application pressure and the brake actuators piston-rod travel measurement to determine the condition of the air brake system.

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covid-19 - its effect on the transportation industry

The Coronavirus has crippled many businesses but the transportation industry continues to work hard supplying goods worldwide. Many businesses have been deemed non-essential, thus being forced to shut their doors, yet the transportation industry has stayed open to keep essentials moving; shipping much needed medical supplies and keeping the grocery stores stocked of everyday items that we take for granted.

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Keep Moving with Piston Brake Chambers

Road calls, tow trucks, door traffic and out-of-service issues can kill any maintenance budget. Air leaks that prevent brakes from releasing are all too often a common occurrence on vehicles equipped with air brakes. The brake chambers could be the culprit of this costly situation. Learn the value of a piston brake chamber.


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waste market specialty brakes

Since 1956, MGM Brakes has been the leader in specialty brake chambers. Our first brake chamber was designed out of sheer necessity, when heavy, over-the-road vehicles, lacking a reliable air brake system safety device, experienced air system failures that occasionally resulted in a runaway vehicle.  As an industry leader, MGM Brakes develops actuators designed to address the operational requirements of all segments of the transportation industry; from over-the-road long haul trucking, to the rigors of vocational fleet operations, to the demands of the transit industry and the U.S. military tactical wheeled vehicles.


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MGM Brakes Breather Tube Technology

The MGM breather tube technology was first introduced in the mid-1980’s on piston brakes in Europe and was eventually adapted for the North American market to enhance MGM’s spring brake technology. The breather tube, also sometimes referred to as a vent tube, has been an integral part of MGM’s spring brake offering; providing decades of effective spring side protection from external contaminants and premature power (emergency) spring failure.


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The Benefits of Air Disc Brakes

MGM offers insight on the benefits of Air Disc Brakes.

The North American commercial vehicle industry has been steadily transitioning to the use of Air Disc Brakes (ADB) for many years and the presence of ADB systems in virtually every market segment certainly cannot be ignored. While traditional S-Cam air brake systems have been reliable and effective in many ways, there are distinct advantages of Air Disc Brakes over S-Cam.

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The Benefits of the 3036 Long Stroke Brake

MGM offers insight on their "3036 Long Stroke Brake".

Commercial vehicle air brake systems require optimal performance from all components to ensure safe and reliable operation. Typical heavy duty applications use Type 30/30 standard stroke double diaphragm actuators for service and parking brake functions. Type 30/36 long stroke actuators offer unique advantages for heavy duty drum brake applications.

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Corrosion Fighter Technology

MGM offers insight on their "Corrosion Fighter Technology".

With their design updates and using Corrosion Fighter technology, brake chamber failure issues due to corrosion of the power spring have declined dramatically. This along with the MGM Brakes products that utilize corrosion resistant materials such as aluminum, epoxy coating and clear trivalent chromate makes these chambers the most durable chambers in the heavy duty commercial vehicle industry.

Corrosion Fighter technology is a standard feature on all TR-type 30 spring side model chambers.

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Intraax/Vantraax Brake Chamber Replacement

The Hendrickson Intraax and Vantraax trailer suspensions have caused a unique situation in the aftermarket for the replacement of brake chambers. Brake chamber replacement in the typical aftermarket application uses the universal 8-inch threaded rod chamber. However, the Intraax and Vantraax suspensions call for a brake chamber with a rod length of 11.10-inches at the y-dimension. The y-dimension is a measurement taken from the bottom of the NPC to the center line of the yoke pin.

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The benefits of the welded yoke clevis

MGM offers insight into the benefits of utilizing a welded yoke clevis. This paper gives the history and benefits of the welded yoke clevis.

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The Case for Electronic Brake Monitoring in Medium - Heavy Commercial Vehicle Air Brake Applications

Most of today’s large over-the-road commercial vehicles (trucks, trailers, buses, and vocational vehicles) utilize air brake systems to provide vehicle braking, as opposed to passenger cars which utilize hydraulic braking. Air brake systems have proven to be quite capable in providing the brake forces required, in order to safely decelerate and stop large vehicles in both on road and off road applications. That being said, there are unique maintenance and inspection requirements for air brake systems that must be regularly and properly completed, in order to maintain the vehicles brake system integrity and overall braking capability.

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