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MGM Brakes has created “white papers” to help our customers learn more about a particular product, service, technology or methodology. White papers are designed to be used as an informational tool, and not as a user manual or technical document. We have written these documents when we see/hear of an issue in the industry that needs addressing. We hope to bring clarity to the issue and help answer any questions.

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Intraax/Vantraax Brake Chamber Replacement

The Hendrickson Intraax and Vantraax trailer suspensions have caused a unique situation in the aftermarket for the replacement of brake chambers. Brake chamber replacement in the typical aftermarket application uses the universal 8-inch threaded rod chamber. However, the Intraax and Vantraax suspensions call for a brake chamber with a rod length of 11.10-inches at the y-dimension. The y-dimension is a measurement taken from the bottom of the NPC to the center line of the yoke pin.

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The benefits of the welded yoke clevis

MGM offers insight into the benefits of utilizing a welded yoke clevis. This paper gives the history and benefits of the welded yoke clevis.

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The Case for Electronic Brake Monitoring in Medium - Heavy Commercial Vehicle Air Brake Applications

Most of today’s large over-the-road commercial vehicles (trucks, trailers, buses, and vocational vehicles) utilize air brake systems to provide vehicle braking, as opposed to passenger cars which utilize hydraulic braking. Air brake systems have proven to be quite capable in providing the brake forces required, in order to safely decelerate and stop large vehicles in both on road and off road applications. That being said, there are unique maintenance and inspection requirements for air brake systems that must be regularly and properly completed, in order to maintain the vehicles brake system integrity and overall braking capability.

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