S-Cam Brakes (Drum)


The TR series is an industry standard double-diaphragm spring brake with the original tamper resistant safety design.  This model can come with additional features such as: external breather tube system, epoxy-coated inside and out for extra protection in unusually tough, corrosive operating environments, extra parking force, and weld-reinforced mounting bolts to provide a stable, strong mounting base for installation on equipment where extreme vibration is a concern. The TR series is also available in a 3-inch long stroke design, providing the reserve stroke needed for added braking safety.


The LTS models feature a six-year limited warranty on brakes equipped with the breather tube and come standard with an integral release tool, all aluminum head, and a long life power spring.  This model is also available in a 3-inch long stroke version that provides the reserve stroke needed for added braking safety. 

The J-Series piston type brakes are popular for use in demanding parking and vehicle holding situations. The spring side force output of a type 30 J-Series is 900+ pounds greater than a TR type 36.  When hauling maximum payloads through mountainous terrain or when quick release at low pressure is important, a piston brake is your best choice. The piston brake is the preferred brake for transit and emergency vehicle operations.

MGM C and CS Model service chambers offer the ultimate in dependability and long service life.  Our service chambers are manufactured with heavy-gauge formed steel components: epoxy-coated for reliable corrosion protection; to take on the toughest jobs in the harshest environments.

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