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The Benefits of Air Disc Brakes

The North American commercial vehicle industry has been steadily transitioning to the use of Air Disc Brakes (ADB) for many years and the presence of ADB systems in virtually every market segment certainly cannot be ignored. While traditional S-Cam air brake systems have been reliable and effective in many ways, there are distinct advantages of Air Disc Brakes over S-Cam.

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Posted: 10/29/2018

Benefits of using Type 30/36 Long Stroke Brake Actuators

Commercial vehicle air brake systems require optimal performance from all components to ensure safe and reliable operation. Typical heavy duty applications use Type 30/30 standard stroke double diaphragm actuators for service and parking brake functions. Type 30/36 long stroke actuators offer unique advantages for heavy duty drum brake applications.

Tags: MGM Brakes, 3036 Long Stroke
Posted: 04/23/2018

MGM Brakes offers a wide variety of Air Disc Actuators.

MGM Air Disc Brake Actuators offer the industry an unparalleled variety of models perfect for nearly any application. From our CSB Service Chamber, TRB Double Diaphragm Series and MJB Piston Diaphragm Series, every model provides the advantages you need to maintain braking reliability and longer-life braking performance on today’s heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

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