The Case for Electronic Brake Monitoring and Air Disc Brakes

Air disc brakes (ADB) are becoming more and more prevalent in the heavy duty commercial vehicle market. Virtually all public transit buses and over-the-road motor coaches are now being built with an ADB platform. In addition, approximately 15% of over-the-road trailers and 30% of over-the-road tractors are being built with an ADB platform, with those percentages increasing quite swiftly. As those that are familiar with ADB already know, there are quite a few advantages to ADB over traditional S-Cam (Drum Brake) platforms. ADB is more efficient than S-Cam with stopping distances being shorter allowing federal regulations pertaining to these distances being able to be achieved easier.

With the addition of an electronic brake monitoring system like MGM Brakes e•STROKE system, you will know in real time if there are any braking issues before they become a serious problem.


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Tags: MGM Brakes, air disc brakes, electronic brake monitoring systems
Posted: 03/15/2021

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